Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cucumber Soap

Sometimes I find cucumbers in our garden that have grown bigger than that "ideal eating" size.

Why don't we eat them? We're beyond overloaded with cucumbers right now.  We've passed them on to friends and family to the point that they wince when we call or visit - worried we're going to drop more cucumbers in their laps.  We've made traditional pickles.  We've made salads.  We've made refrigerator pickles.

The next logical cucumber project would be - soap, naturally.  

Here's a quick look at how I make soap with cucumbers.

First, puree the cucumbers.  Skin, seeds and all.

Weighing the Shea Butter.

Cucumber puree with lye - going into the oils.

Blending the oils and lye.

Adding buttermilk.

Soap with green colorant being added back to batch for a swirl effect.

Cucumber Soap!

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