Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I was wrong.  There.   I said it.

Honestly, I think men and their vast array of tools can border on hoarding. Just as my obsession with soap fragrances (and my vast collection) could possible appear on the “hoarding spectrum”. 

When my husband came into a room (at some point in the past - to tackle what ever task it was) with this portfolio of pliers and such… I likely rolled my eyes.  
Who could possibly need so many of these babies!?  I’m sure I felt that the marketing genius that convinced people they need this variety of plier-type-things had done a great job.

I must stay I’m humbled.  Crow doesn’t taste all that bad. 

WHY?  Why the change of mind?  I needed a bunch of the tools in this great little pack – just to do ONE job.

This is my soap cutter.  In the industry, it’s known as “The Tank”.  It’s awesome.  Cuts bars beautifully.  It uses piano (or is it guitar?) wires to slice through soap. 

I broke a wire recently.  I think I tightened it too much.  Either way, I had to replace it and it wasn’t pretty.  Normally, it’s a straight-forward job, but this one broke in a way that I had to cut wire, and wrestle the old one out before I could put the new one in. 

I honestly used 5 of these tools before the job was done.  I’m happy to have this little tool kit around.   Now stay away from my fragrance oils… I NEED them. All.  J

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